We Offer Gentle Garden City Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Stork Spinal Care has stepped out of the chiropractic mainstream to provide you with an experience and approach to health-care that is more personal, holistic, and integrated. By using gentle adjustments to your body’s “master-switch”, we naturally promote optimal physical, emotional and social wellness. We offer state-of-the-art, hands on care, in private one-on-one appointments, personalized to suit your individual needs.

The Natural Alternative

The focus of NUCCA is the Atlas vertebra, the uppermost bone in the spine, just below the brain stem. Subtle misalignments in the spine can affect every body function. Through gentle adjustments in the top of the neck, the whole spine can be aligned, allowing a normal flow of messages to the body so that the natural healing process can begin….

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Don’t Live With Pain!

Tired of being held back from doing the things that you want to do? Get relief that lasts! As NUCCA care helps the body naturally align and heal, you can get back to living a pain free life in fewer visits, with results that are long lasting.